What is EcoThought?

EcoThought is an Australian owned company that specialises in the analysis and design of sustainable human systems based on the integration of technology to meet human needs. This results in the creation of environments which are sustainable not only in terms of their environmental impact, but also in terms of their ability to sustain comfortable human life.

We work closely with our clients to develop broad systems level understanding of the opportunities and challenges that the client enterprise faces. We develop views and frameworks which enhance the development of the enterprise in all aspects of sustainability.

EcoThought's methodologies and tools will assist your enterprise to frame solutions and address aspects of sustainability in the ongoing development of your enterprise.

Our Team

Slade Beard

With over 30 years of hands on experience with Information technology, Slade is the leading visionary of the EcoThought team. Slade's forward thinking about information architecture and design philosophy drives the company to develop and deliver high end architecture solutions.

Over the years, Slade has worked with multiple organisations including the Australian Defence Force, Border Protection Command, Fujitsu, Telstra and the Australian Federal Police.

Marjolein Beard

With over 5 years experience in OHS & Management Systems and Project Management coupled with her formal training in a Masters in Business Administration program, Marjolein is a critical component in EcoThought's core team.

Marjolein's drive and passion help her negotiate, influence and implement change with both internal and external stakeholders to ensure that critical milestones are achieved and surpassed.